Where We Work

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) works at multiple scales from local to global to ensure that coral reefs thrive for generations to come. When we reduce local-level threats to reefs—such as pollution, sedimentation, overfishing or unsustainable tourism—reefs are healthier and more capable of withstanding the effects of climate change, such as coral bleaching and ocean acidification. We work in partnership with local communities, nonprofit organizations, scientists, the private sector and funders to build effective and sustainable management systems that ensure thriving reefs.

CORAL works to save coral reefs in two critically-important reef regions of the world:

  • Our work in Hawaiʻi focuses on our Clean Water for Reefs Initiative. Hawaiʻi has some of the highest marine endemism on Earth and about 85 percent of the United States’ coral reefs.
  • Our work in the Mesoamerican Region (MAR) focuses on our Clean Water for Reefs, Healthy Fisheries for Reefs, Intact Reef Ecosystems and Science of Adaptation Initiatives. The MAR has the second largest barrier reef in the world and spans the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

Globally, CORAL is launching a new era of reef conservation that facilitates coral adaptation to a changing climate and facilitates scientific understanding of coral conservation. At the heart of our work are Adaptive Reefscapes – networks of healthy reefs that can adapt to climate change because they are diverse, connected and large.