Ways To Give

Working alongside local people, communities and partners—from fishers and government leaders to SCUBA divers and scientists—CORAL protects one of our most valuable and threatened ecosystems. Your support helps our international team design and manage long-term conservation programs that reduce local threats to coral reefs, thereby increasing the resilience of coral reefs and promoting their ability to adapt.

Make a cash gift today or consider other ways to give– from stock gifts to workplace contributions. For a more sustained positive impact on our reefs, consider becoming a member of CORAL by making a donation that qualifies you for one of our membership levels. Visit our Membership Levels page for more information about these levels and their associated benefits. If you represent a company, visit our partnership page.

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The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions, to the extent allowed by law, are fully tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 94-3211245. To read more about our Gift Acceptance Policy or State Disclosures, please click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hello, from the Development team at the Coral Reef Alliance. Our goal is to connect people like you to our mission; whether you’re a diver or someone who just loves the ocean, we’re here to help you do your part to save coral reefs.


  • Is CORAL a reputable organization?

There are a number of external organizations that rate nonprofits, including Charity Navigator and Guidestar. CORAL holds a 3-star rating with Charity Navigator, and Guidestar has also given us their “Gold Seal of Approval” which indicates our commitment to transparency and impact. Learn more at /3-star

  • How is my donation spent?

We are proud to say that over 80% of our expenses go directly toward program work. You can read our annual reports as well as detailed financial information to get a better idea of where exactly your money is going. To receive regular updates on our work, sign up for our monthly newsletter.

  • Can I donate to a specific program or project?

Yes, though per our gift acceptance policy, we are only able to restrict gifts of $10,000 or more to go towards a specific program or project. There are a number of reasons why we’ve made that choice. Should you be considering a restricted gift, reach out to our team; we’re happy to chat with you.

  • I want to donate part of my business proceeds.

Great! We welcome corporate donations in a variety of ways, not limited to cash gifts. You can visit our Partnership page to learn more or, to donate directly, visit our Donate page. Also, keep in mind that a number of companies offer to match their employee’s donations. This is a great way to double your impact.

  • How can I update my credit card for my recurring donation?

Information for recurring donations can be updated by contacting us at (510) 370- 0514 or savecoralreefs@.

  • I’d like to start a fundraiser for CORAL. How do I do that?

We would be honored to receive donations received on your behalf! There are a variety of platforms that allow you to set up fundraisers. Facebook’s fundraising feature is worth highlighting as it donates 100% of the gift, without any fees. Please contact us to talk about other options.

If you have any other questions, or just want to say hello, feel free to send us an email.