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CORAL’s Innovative Approach to Resolving Stormwater Issues in Maui

In a natural landscape, trees and soil help soak up rainwater, but in developed or urban landscapes, rainwater falls onto streets, parking lots, roofs, or other non-absorbent surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Instead of sinking into the ground, rainwater runs off the land, picking up harmful pollutants like nutrients, pesticides, petroleum residues, and sediments along the way.  During heavy rains, the water that runs off the landscape is called stormwater. Eventually stormwater ends up in our oceans – either by traveling down storm drains or by flowing into waterways like rivers and streams that lead to the ocean. When polluted stormwater flows into the nearshore environment, it causes harm to coral reefs and other marine life. Nutrient pollution enables the overgrowth of algae which can kill corals by smothering them, blocking their access to sunlight and promoting coral disease. High levels of sediment runoff can also kill … [Read more...]